What am I sick with Soar throat,earache,can't breath,headache,cough?

Answer Sounds like to me you might have a sinus infection. I get those all the time and the headaches are horrendous. To me they are ten times worse than having a cold. You can get some pretty good sinus ... Read More »

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Why does salt help soar throats?

The first school of thought follows the premise that most cases of sore throat are caused by bacteria. If you can remember from middle school biology, bacteria are one-celled organisms that group t... Read More »

What is a faster way to help my soar throat?

pain killershoneyuhhh don't drink milk productscough drops help me

Right side of face is soar?

It definitely was the position of your face. Sleeping on the face or any other part of the body for longer than 15 minutes will make the body part sore.Nothing to worry about. :)

What can I drink to help my soar throat ?

sucking on a popsicle can help.. or eat some ice cream. If you feel liek your sore throat is the start of you getting a cold or something you should gargle warm water with salt in it.. Put alot ... Read More »