Does a cow have to calf in order to give milk?

Answer The female dairy animal is only referred to as a "cow" after she has given birth. Before this, she is referred to as either a "calf" or "heifer." It is not until they have birthed a calf themselves... Read More »

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Should i drink milk first or have breakfast and have milk after that?

i'd say the milk is usually part of breakfast.

At what age can you give a baby whole milk?

On One Hand: Wait On Whole Milk Until a Child is One Year OldThe American Academy of Pediatrics strongly suggests waiting until a child's first birthday before you switch over to whole milk. A c... Read More »

What Happens if I Give Kittens Normal Milk?

If you have recently adopted a young kitten, know that their nutritional needs change markedly in their first few months of life. In the beginning of their lives, kittens should live solely on thei... Read More »

What dosage of milk of magnesia should you give to your three-month-old baby?