Im going out drinking tonight. What can I drink before hand to coat my stomach so it wont burn going down?

Answer milk with some antiacids...but, how's about you just don't get drunk? oooooh! there's a good idea!

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I`m working tonight going to bed now. How you going to keep me warm?

What the hell was going on on doctor who tonight?

Speaking as a complete fanboy, I absolutely loved it, with all the references to classic "DW", including the voices of previous Doctors and Susan (the Doctor's Grandaughter) at one point, as well a... Read More »

I'm going out tonight ....what should i drink?

wh not try a litle something different tonite try a samual adams boston lager if you feel like beer or try a fantastic cocktail made with strawberry stolis and orange cream soda....I guarentee it w... Read More »

What are you going to have for dinner tonight.?

Homemade veggie burgers with homemade chips.