I will be getting about $200 for my birthday that is coming up. What should i buy?

Answer Something that when you sell it...makes you $230.Be American!!

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So its my birthday and im getting ready to take a hpt!?

I am getting a phone on my birthday, which one should I buy?

I would go for the Galaxy S3 or the galaxy Nexus - both great phones. The S3 has a brilliant 8mp camera, 4.8" touch screen with super amoled+ (brightest screen ever) tons of great apps and really g... Read More »

Im getting a tattoo on my lower back for my 16 birthday, and ideas?

Well depending on where you live, my suggestion is that you bring a parent or you won't get any service. Most (if not all) states require you're 18.

Getting drunk on my 21st birthday and going to casino?

That's a nice casino! Slots are really fun while you're drinking. I usually go for penny or quarter slots while I'm drinking, otherwise I'd end up losing a lot of money! Jack and Coke's are good. o... Read More »