What all muscles does a bench press work?

Answer arms shoulders tricepts bicepts and chest

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Do squats work the same muscles as the leg press?

Not really. Squats, by using free weights, tone your stabilizing muscles in addition to your quads, as well as train your brain to coordinate your muscles to balance heavy things. The leg press o... Read More »

How much weight does Tiger Woods bench press?

According to Tiger Woods himself, he can bench press in excess of 240 pounds. His personal trainer estimates that Woods' maximum bench press for a single repetition is about 300 pounds.Source:Tig... Read More »

What is the definition of bench top drill press?

Answer A stationary drill with a platform to hold the piece to be drilled and a hand crank to lower the drill bit down to said piece that sits on top of a work bench. A floor mount drill press sta... Read More »

What is an average bench press max for a 14-year old?

I'm 18, my bench is 185 lbs at 150 lbs bodyweight.Where you're at right now is actually quite good for your weight.Please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and eat food. Lots of food. Doing that will all... Read More »