What all does a website need to have in order to be secure?

Answer guns. Lots of guns.

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How to Secure Your Website?

A website that is not secure is open to hackers and viruses. As a website owner, you want to have a secure site. Here are some tips to follow when you need to know how to secure your website.

How to Secure a Website?

When you view a web site, information is sent to a server. On its way to the server and back, your information, which is in plain text, is accessible by many computers. This is how many web pages a... Read More »

How to check if a website is secure?

While there is no way to guarantee that you are dealing with a legit site, there are "red flags" to look for in a fake sites.1) Payment options, do they include Western Union, moneygram, paypal and... Read More »

Can I make a form secure on my website?

Website visitors want to know that sites and any information they enter are secure. The secure order form concept applies to much more than just an order form; it applies to every aspect of every w... Read More »