What alcoholic drink has the least amount of calories?

Answer A drink made with one ounce of 80 proof distilled rum, vodka, gin or whiskey mixed with several ounces of a no-calorie beverage such as sparkling water or diet soda has only 64 calories and no fat ... Read More »

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What alcoholic drink has the least calories?

According to ABC News, the alcoholic drink with the least amount of calories is beer at 10 calories per ounce. But because most people drink a 12-ounce beer (120 calories), some would say the least... Read More »

What alcoholic mixed drink has the least calories?

The calorie counter on igoogle has a Cosmopolitan as about 121 calories - not too bad!

Whats a good drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic) for mexican food?

Since the Mexican food is generally hot, both in the sense of temperature, and usually due to the salsa, a cold drink of any kind is good. Beer is good if you want alcoholic drink, and water, iced... Read More »

Which is your most favorite alcoholic and non alcoholic drink ?

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