What alcohol should I get?

Answer Just get all and party all nightt

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How long should you not drink alcohol when doing a pre-employment alcohol test?

Alcohol is completely eliminated from a person's system after about ten hours. A person scheduled for a pre-employment alcohol test should stop drinking at least eight hours before the appointed ti... Read More »

I GOT ALCOHOL IN MY EYE what should i do?

How did you type all this while you were blind in one eye lol. Anyways, just wash it out with water you should be fine. The warmness in your eye is natural, same thing happend to me when my eye was... Read More »

I have blood type O.. what alcohol should i be drinking?

I don't think blood type relates to which alcohol suits you. A lot of people say some booze makes them sicker than others but I don't think anyone has found a reliable way to predict what works for... Read More »

What alcohol should my friend drink tonight (no beer, no rum, no bourbon)?