The Beatles album help?

Answer Revolver. It's what most people would say, probably.But as a Beatles fanatic I must recommend you get both. Both are marvelous.

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What album is the song"Can't Buy Me Love"by the Beatles on?

The Beatles released the song "Can't Buy Me Love," written by Paul McCartney, on the 1964 album "A Hard Day's Night." It appeared in the movie of the same name. The Beatles recorded "Can't Buy Me L... Read More »

The Beatles vs Pink Floyd: Who has more album sales?

The Beatles by about 300 million records. Pink Floyd is still among the best selling artists of all time though.

The Beatles invited Harry Nilsson to sit in on the sessions that became what album?

"The Beatles" (1968) or as most people call it, "The White Album".

Besides Across The Universe (Beatles song), is there another song that was transmitted into space?

One of the two Voyager space probes (both launched in 1977) recently left the solar system, and is now in interstellar space. Each probe carries a so-called Golden Record, which among other things ... Read More »