What airline is the safest in the US?

Answer According to the Consumer Warning Network, an individual is more likely to die from tripping and falling, accidentally being shot or suffocating in their sleep than in an airline accident. Perhaps ... Read More »

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What is the safest, most efficient&friendliest airline?

On One Hand: Southwest AirlinesIf you are looking for the safest airline, Southwest is the answer. According to an article published on in June 2009, Southwest Airlines h... Read More »

Can I buy a one-way ticket with one airline&return on another airline?

Yes, you can buy one-way airline tickets to a destination, however, one-way airline tickets are usually more expensive than round-trip tickets. If flying internationally, make sure that the country... Read More »

What is the safest SUV?

On One Hand: Safest in 2009The safest small-sized SUVs as of 2009, according to, are the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Rogue. In the midsized range, the Toyota Highlander, Subaru Tribeca, M... Read More »

Which is the safest web browser?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best.And Microsoft Internet Explorer is one of the worst.