What age one should walk?

Answer definetly before a year.

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What speed should I walk on a treadmill?

On One Hand: Let Your Body DecideThe proper walking speed on a treadmill should be determined by level of exertion. That will vary, depending on an individual's level of fitness, age and overall he... Read More »

My legs are so sore I can barely walk... what should I do?

Yes you should walk it off, maybe about a mile at the most to get the lactic acid out of your legs. Lactic acid, or broken muscle matter, causes the soreness. You need to ice your legs, and you mig... Read More »

I have not been able to walk on my ankle for 2 weeks what should i do?

Go back to your doctor.You shouldn't be in that much pain.That's ridiculous.Doctor needs to do something for you.

My lower legs are having muscle pain. I cant even walk right now cuz it's so painful. What should i do?

have you been sitting in an awkward position? maybe its a good idea to sleep with a pillow between your legs, i was having lower leg pain in my legs until i tried sleeping with a pillow between my ... Read More »