What age of child can take a public bus alone in Los Angeles?

Answer Well I would think so, but if it's not then it should be. But that's just me...

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What is the legal age for a child to use public transportation alone?

i believe that you can ride the bus by yourself when your able to manage it on your own without being scared. i usually see 8th graders and up ride a city bus by themselves

How old does a child have to be to stay at home alone and take care of siblings in Michigan?

I need to know this. My little sister is 3....HELP PLEASE! I googled it but nothing came up

Is it illegal to leave a child 11 years old alone in a home and also to go out and catch a bus at the bus stop alone?

Yes as long as they have money an food and that the parents will come back they may no fetch a bus they have to go to a bus stop.

What is the minimum age to leave a child alone with another child?