What age is the right to have a baby?

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Should every woman have the right to have a baby?

Yes. I believe everyone(as long they are at legal age and won't treat the child like a servant trashcan) should have a chance to have sex and have a baby.

Did you have a pregnancy scare right after you had your baby?

It wasn't a scare.Meet John and Sean-only 10 months apart:…Oh and I'll throw my oldest in there just for the heck of it.. Read More »

If a baby/adult has there heart on the right side can he/she have a normal life?

no they cannot, doctors dont know stuffthey dont experience this personally. but the baby might not know the different since that how they always were

Do parents legally have the right to force their pregnant child to give up a baby for adoption?

I don't think so - but this is a very sensitive subject so I think you need to seek proper professional help. Also perhaps try talking to your parents if the situation allows for that. Take Care.Le... Read More »