What year is an over-the-hill birthday?

Answer People live an average of 77.7 years, as of 2006. "Over the Hill" is a term that means the halfway point has been passed. Per definition, a 39-year-old is "over the hill." Age put aside, party stor... Read More »

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How to Stop Feeling Over the Hill?

Are we middle-aged yet?This article is for those of you who might not feel comfortable with Twitter, or those goth styles, or who creak a little when you get out of bed. That is, for anyone who fee... Read More »

Over the Hill Gag Gifts for Women?

Aging is difficult, especially for women. Men are considered more distinguished–even more handsome–and powerful as they age. Whereas the general opinion is that a woman's beauty fades along wit... Read More »

How to Celebrate an "Over the Hill" Birthday?

Celebrating a birthday that is considered "over the hill" may not seem to many people like such a great reason to celebrate because to many it may seem to be "over-the-hill." However, every birthda... Read More »

Games for An Over the Hill Birthday?

Getting older may not always be considered fun, but many people choose to celebrate aging with humor. Over the hill birthday parties usually consist of decorations, gifts and activities that revolv... Read More »