What age is it preferred for girls to shave... (read below)?

Answer I was eleven but, DO NOT SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS, ARMS, NOR MUSTACHE! It just gets worse!

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Girls only please..(read below)?

well i didn't start yet but the rest of my friends started already. but my sister got hers at the age of 9, 1 of my friends started at 11, another 1 of my friends started at 14. hope this helps :)

Girls - How would you react in a situation like this read below.?

I'd say, "It's 566-789-9080. Don't be afraid to call me!"

What can someone do with your IP Please read detail below?

Don't worry about it, you have to log into there account from a different location and computer (meaning you need there password too, if you did however accidentaly log into someone elses account w... Read More »

What is a good price for a Kawasaki Ninja 250r. Read below for more details.?

are you asking how much insurance will be or how much the bike should cost? You never specified a year on the bike you want. But the models prior to 2008 (with the old fairings) you can get for 2k ... Read More »