What age is a minor in Iowa considered an adult?

Answer 18 years

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What is the legal age of a minor whan a parent is no longer responsible in Iowa?

If you do not include your minor children in the will, the court may hold the will invalid and allow the intestate laws to be applied. You don't have to have a will, or put anyone in it.

Is older adult sibling in his or her twenties morally obligated to raise the younger minor sibling if both parents die and no one else is there to take care of minor sibling?

YES! If the adult sibling doesn't, the person can be seen as heartless by others, and they should be mentally evaluated -- they may have a mental disorder.

What is considered a sex offense with a minor?

indecent expousure, touching in innapropite places, rape, trying to solicit sex with a minor... Answer Anything that has to do with a minor under 18 and has sexual content, whether speaking or phys... Read More »

What Are Considered Minor Traffic Violations?

Sometimes the fine line between minor or major traffic violations can be confusing or blurred. While there are many different types of traffic violations, some are more serious than others. It's im... Read More »