What age is Justin Bieber's half-sister half-brother?

Answer Jaxon Bieber is 2 today, so happy birthday, and Jazmyn is 1 x

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I heard half of justin biebers followers were not real. Does anybody know where he got them from?

5kfor10 does good for pretty cheap. I think you can get 5,000 followers for like $12 bucks....but I say do it the natural way and go ask people to follow you =P

If a pair of sibling related by their half sister had sex what would the relation to the children and half sister be?

I am not exactly sure, but I would think it would be aunt.

What do I call my half-sister's cousin... Half-sister... Step-sister... something else... why?

your half sisters cousin would be your cousin because i have a haldf siter and brother and they call my cousins their cousins but if you don't feel cofable about that just call them your half cousin

What relation would be your half-sister's half-sister be to you?

You have no blood line relation, You don't share DNA whatsoever. In this scenario putting an example; you and your half-sister share, let's say, the same father but not the same mother and your ha... Read More »