What age is Justin Bieber's half-sister half-brother?

Answer Jaxon Bieber is 2 today, so happy birthday, and Jazmyn is 1 x

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I heard half of justin biebers followers were not real. Does anybody know where he got them from?

5kfor10 does good for pretty cheap. I think you can get 5,000 followers for like $12 bucks....but I say do it the natural way and go ask people to follow you =P

Is your wife's half sister's husband your brother in law or your half brother in law?

Sister or half-sister, it does not matter. The husband of your wife's sister is not related to you. Your brother-in-law is your spouse's brother or your sister's husband.

If a pair of sibling related by their half sister had sex what would the relation to the children and half sister be?

I am not exactly sure, but I would think it would be aunt.

What do I call my half-sister's cousin... Half-sister... Step-sister... something else... why?

your half sisters cousin would be your cousin because i have a haldf siter and brother and they call my cousins their cousins but if you don't feel cofable about that just call them your half cousin