What age does a child start full time education?

Answer Many countries require children to start school at about 6 years of age. In the United States, each state decides the starting age for compulsory education. Ages range from 5 years old in Arkansas ... Read More »

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When does medical insurance stop for a child insured by the non-custodial parent's coverage if the child is 18 but a full time college student?

Answer as long as your child continues to be a full time student, then they are covered until they graduate. Answer That may not be the case. Most insurance will cover a student to age 21 - 25. So ... Read More »

Can a child still receive child support if they get married and are a full time student in college?

No, regardless of your age, you are emancipated by being married and therefor does not get child support.

Does father still pay support if child is full time student and lives off campus in the same town as the custodial parent?

A court order sets forth the conditions for child support based on any separation agreement between the parents, state child support guidelines, state laws, etc. You need to review any court orders... Read More »

Does the parent of an 18-year-old have to carry medical insurance on an adult child who is a full time student and living in the household?

Answer No the parent is not bound to carry the medical insurance for an adult child unless they want to put them on the policy and if the insurance company even allows that. Most do if they are fu... Read More »