What age does a child have to be to look after other children?

Answer It depends on the number and ages in question. Typically a teenager can look after one or two kids, but it takes a bit older age to look after an infant or toddler.

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Mr square has nine children The children were all born at regular intervals This means that the same number of years between any child and their next younger sibling is the same The children from?

If the custodial parent two children give one of the children back to the father does the father still have to pay child support for the one child that stayed with the mother or are they even?

No, the father has to pay child support for both children. Of course the child that decides to live with him will be treated as he/she were when you were both married, but the child you have will s... Read More »

Can my husband adopt my children with owing child support for his biological child?

What state do you live in?If you are you in Texas, try this website:

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