What age does a cat start shedding?

Answer Cats start shedding at five months old. They first shed the coat they're born with, after which the permanent, coarser coat comes in. Shedding continues for the rest of their lives.Source:The Compl... Read More »

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Why is my cat shedding so much fur?

If you own a cat, chances are you have to deal with shedding issues. Cats shed their fur in order to allow a new coat to grow in. Excessive shedding can be a normal occurrence, or it could be a sig... Read More »

Why is my cat shedding so much?

The hair your cat sheds can be a regular nuisance for cat owners. Cat hair tends to stick to virtually any surface, and must be removed on a regular basis. All cats shed hair, but some cat owners m... Read More »

Causes of Hair Shedding?

Hair is part of a normal life cycle where new hair grows and old hair dies off and sheds. The normal life cycle for hair is about six years, where we can expect to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a ... Read More »

How to Keep Spirea From Shedding?

Spireas are deciduous shrubs that can grow between 2 and 10 feet tall with a spread of 2 to 20 feet, depending on the variety. Growing in the U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 4 to 9, all spirea... Read More »