What age do you have to be to sit in the front of a car in Australia?

Answer Well, up to their parent :)

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What age must your child be to sit in the front of your car in Australia?

I know in queensland, a child is supposed to be at least 12 years old to sit in the front seat. I haven't heard of anyone being caught for it though so maybe it's not really policed much. you'd hav... Read More »

I have a fire hydrant in my front yard and no drive way what should i do can i have it moved>?

You dont want it removed just park somewhere else. The fire hydrant helps with your insurance premiums. Find out how far away you have to be and go from there

What would have happened if Japan invaded Australia in World War II?

I shudder to think,but then it might have been better than what we're filling our country with these days.

What hours do schools go for in Australia and when do you have your holidays?

It varies slightly from school to school, but generally it's all pretty much as you've described for NZ. Seniors often have free periods or late starts / early finishes (actually study time, not t... Read More »