What age do women stop having babies?

Answer A woman is no longer fertile after she has hit menopause. That occur near or after the 50's.

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What do you think about single women having babies....?

I think that it is amazing that they are so independent as to having and raising a child on their own. I praise them for having the patience and necessary resources to do it. It could have downfall... Read More »

Will taking the contraception pill stop you having babies forever?

No. It only prevents pregnancy while you are taking the pill as directed. It takes a few days to start working, so use an alternate form of birth control if you have just started taking it. Also, t... Read More »

When did humans figure out the connection between having sex & having babies?

I don't know - in fact I think some people still haven't figured it out.

Is having Unshaven Legs on women a new fashion trend for American Women?

Not very feminine, it will be hairy chests next