What age do women start having a low sex drive?

Answer I had a very high sex drive since I was 16 and it stayed that way till my mid 40s when menopaused creeped in,, now I still can get aroused but usually my husband has to initiate some sexual contact... Read More »

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Wh don't we hav B: drive in our computerWhy Hard disk drive start with C: Can we alter or change to A:?

Why no B drive? It is the old convention. A drive used to be the 5.25" floppy, B drive used to be 3.5" floppy and C used to be the HDD. This tradition continues. A:\ now 3.5". Even this is changing... Read More »

Why can women not drive?

My mother is an excellent driver. She taught me many things concerning defensive driving and driving smart. I took drivers ed in high school and whenever something came up questions etc I either a... Read More »

Why do women drive 4x4s?

my daughter drives one all the time cos she is always going bush in it (a real 4WD nut) hills/bush/mud/water if you tell her it cant be done she will keep trying

Should women be allowed to drive cars?

Noooo. Women are good at 3 things 1. ******2. cookin3. Doing laundryadd a car into that and it gets loopy