What age do women normally have babies?

Answer In the ages of 20's.

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Tell me what you know about diabetic women have babies. Complications, etc.?

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body goes through lots of changes as it nurtures a developing baby. All women need more nutrients, rest, and energy to grow the baby when they are pregnant. The... Read More »

Does a man or a women have babies?

Can women have babies with the HPV virus?

HPV generally does not affect fertility. If a woman has genital warts resulting from HPV infection, it's possible, although rare, for her baby to contract the HPV virus during birth. Doctors may re... Read More »

How many women cannot have babies?

Worldwide, any statistic must be a wild guess, since some women and girls have not tried yet, some would not want to try (nuns etc) and some would not admit to being infertile and are 'still trying'.