What age do siblings have to have separate rooms?

Answer They don't have to. Unless the siblings are of different genders, siblings don't need to have their own room at all.

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Does 5.1and above surround system have to have separate subwoofer ?

In your old system, you will find that all the speakers are detachable. When you buy a new system with 7.1 output system, you can always buy separate speakers and attach it. For that you will have ... Read More »

I have cable in other rooms of my house but i want to install it in my room but i dont have a cable outlet!?

I did this in my house: get a drill and drill a hole in your wall which has a room on the other side of it with cable. Then, attach a splitter to the cable in the other room, and attach a new cab... Read More »

Do half siblings have the same rights as full siblings?

Generally, the share the same rights of inheritance from their shared parent under the laws of intestacy. You can check the laws of intestacy for your state at the related question link provided be... Read More »

Who is legally next of kin in the UK if an individuals parents have died and whose siblings have been disowned?

The will should have a clause in it as where the money goes. The parents could leave the money to their own parents (if alive); their own children; a church or charity.