What age do puppies potty train?

Answer Basic housebreaking should begin by the time your puppy is 8 weeks old. Your puppy's brain undergoes major development between 8 and 12 weeks, making this the optimal time to get it used to a crate... Read More »

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How to Potty Train Yellow Lab Puppies?

Yellow Labradors are known for being excellent family pets. They are easy to train, eager to please and intelligent. When you bring that cute puppy home for the first time, you'll realize very quic... Read More »

How to Potty Train Puppies in the Winter?

Adopting or purchasing a puppy is a wonderful experience for a family. The newest addition will need to be potty trained, no matter what time of the year the puppy came into the family's life. Pott... Read More »

How to Potty Train Puppies That Poop in a Kennel?

Your brand new puppy can't seem to get the knack of kennel training and you are frustrated. Don't be frustrated because you can easily potty train your puppy not to poop in the kennel. Through usin... Read More »

How to Potty Train Puppies in Cold Weather?

Potty training your puppy in the winter is the same as potty training him in the summer, aside from the fact that it is much colder. Snow, sleet, ice and bitter cold can really put the sting in pot... Read More »