Do you stop growing after 15 Height, weight?

Answer You get most of your genes from grandparents, so look at them. You also dont stop growing until 18-19, then start leveling out until you are about 21 (this varies alot). Being the same height for 4... Read More »

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When does a teenage girl stop growing in height?

Scientifically, the average age is 14 and a half. Although, I don't know anyone who stopped growing at that age though!I am a 33-year-old. I haven't grown an inch since the 8th grade. I'm 5 ' 2." M... Read More »

When do girls stop growing?

People grow at different rates and stop at different ages. I was 5'8" at 12 years old and never grew any more. You might be done now, or you might have another year to go.

What age does girls feet stop growing?

Sometime your feet stops growing at 18 or at 20

What's the average height for a 14 year old girl who is done growing?