What age do children start to understand "opposites"?

Answer My son (3) was little early on that I think, but he's known the difference between up/down, above/below, cold/hot etc. since he was two. He loved Go Dog Go by DR. Seuss and I credit a lot of it to ... Read More »

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Why do parents sometimes not understand their children?

Answer Answer This is not the type of question that can be answered with a simple statement. Questions regarding human behavior require a lot of clinical data before making a rational assessment o... Read More »

Activities to Help Children Understand Different Cultures?

Exploring different cultures is an opportunity to help children appreciate the differences in people and their traditions; learning about other cultures teaches them tolerance. You can integrate te... Read More »

Please help me understand food rationing with foster children.?

Hey. I did not read all the other answers, but I thought I would add my personal experience. I had THREE foster families that did things that prevented me from eating. One family locked the refr... Read More »

Interactive Games That Help Children Understand Health?

Interactive games capture a child's attention like little else. This ability to cast a spell over young minds provides an opportunity to teach children valuable lessons about health and well being.... Read More »