How do I stop growing?

Answer Jordan - most kids get to be taller than the mother. - just how it is. BUT you can help yourself NOT to grow too much more. EAT ORGANIC meat. See the answer that I give - it explains it.YOU CANN... Read More »

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What age do you stop growing?

You have probably finished major growth, but growth in height continues to be possible until approximately 19--there's no definite cut-off. However, by age 26, all bones in your body should finish ... Read More »

When do girls stop growing?

People grow at different rates and stop at different ages. I was 5'8" at 12 years old and never grew any more. You might be done now, or you might have another year to go.

Is it normal to stop growing at 12?

I don't know if it's medically 'normal' but that's pretty much what happened to me. I'm 5'2". I was this tall in the 6th grade and never got any taller. I know boys can grow into their 20s but g... Read More »

Name of Plants that don't stop growing?