What age do you stop growing?

Answer You have probably finished major growth, but growth in height continues to be possible until approximately 19--there's no definite cut-off. However, by age 26, all bones in your body should finish ... Read More »

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At what age do breast stop growing?

Hi Sweetie,You're still young, and your breasts may grow a little, a lot, or not at all. But the fact is, it truly doesn't matter when it comes to attracting guys. The main difference between you a... Read More »

What Makes Hair Stop Growing?

Hair may stop growing for a number of reasons. Lifestyle, diet, genetics and a number of other conditions regulate the rate of hair growth and conversely, hair loss. Some causes of hair loss, or la... Read More »

At what age do males stop growing taller?

Boys stop growing when puberty is complete. The growth spurt in boys usually begins between 12 and 15 years of age and can continue to 16 years of age or beyond, according to KidsHealth. A typical ... Read More »

What age does girls feet stop growing?

Sometime your feet stops growing at 18 or at 20