How to Tell if You Have Hit Puberty (Boys)?

Answer If you are a boy, then you might wonder when you've hit puberty. There are some ways given below to tell.

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What is an anime about girls going through puberty 10 points, best answer!?

not really about going through puberty but there is an anime about growing up....azumanga....check it out

Do bees go through puberty?

This is actually a very complicated question. "Puberty" is the term given to sexual maturity in humans. While some may speak of "puberty" in other mammals like dogs, it is really only appropriate... Read More »

Do animals go through puberty?

According to, all animals go through puberty. The changes they experience, aside from sexual maturation, can include changes in coloring, body shape or muscularity. Some fema... Read More »

Am I still going through puberty....?

Sounds like you could be a late bloomer, I was. and actually had all of the same things you had mentioned at 20. I still have no chest or back hair and still have a hard time putting on any weight.... Read More »