What age did yu start wearing make up Did you do it yourself or did your mom offer or what Thank you!?

Answer my mom was against it until i was older, so i sent away in the mail for it at 12 and hid it for a while...putting it on at school and taking it off. then i left it in my pants pocket and she washed... Read More »

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At what age did you start wearing make up?

um 12my first time i used mascara and lip glossthats what my mom said but when u get older you will have to take car of your skin more

Is 13 an okay age to start wearing make up?

Definitely! It doesn't sound like you plan on wearing like ten pounds of makeup, just the normal stuff, so yeah i think it would be fine! And for hazel eyes, try lining your eyes with light green e... Read More »

What age did you start wearing make-up?

I rarely do, and I'm seventeen!It's just not me. Some do, some don't, some become tangerine coloured with foundation.

When did you start wearing make-up.. 10 pts!!?

I'm 29... and I still don't and don't plan to start any time in the future.