What age child wears youth 1?

Answer Age six

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What do you think of a guy who wears makeup?

I've known models who wear makeup on a regular basis... as long as it's not something the average person wouldn't notice... I'd say say go for it. just keep a limit on how much you're applying.

What gang wears black bandanas?

Black bandannas can represent affiliation in a variety of gangs. The Bloods are known to wear black, brown, pink or red bandannas, the Latin Kings wear black or yellow and MS 13 members wear blue a... Read More »

What tv game show host wears a hat?

mostly Wipeout in Winter Wipeout John Anderson and Henson wear hats cause its cold in the Game Show for Winter;)

What rank in the u.s. military wears a gold bar?

Second Lieutenant (Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) or Ensign (Navy, Coast Guard)