What age can you leave a child home alone in Colorado?

Answer According to my research, a child can be left alone at the age of 12 in Colorado for short periods of time. This is all based upon the Colorado Child Labor Law, which states that a child at age 12 ... Read More »

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What age can you leave your mother's home and be legally adopted by your stepparents in Colorado?

Without parental permission you can leave at 18. Under 18 you will need your parents to give up their parental rights in order for your step parents to adopt you.

What age can a child stay home alone overnight in Colorado?

I think that is more of a judgment call on your part, but over twelve I believe is a good guideline (if your child is mature)

Can you leave your child alone at home?

not if youre kids are under 12 i think it is, if they arnt the policewill take you down sister from another mister.

What is an appropriate age to leave a child home alone in NJ?