What age can i get my newborns ears pierced?

Answer As a parent, you can have this done whenever you want. However, I personally think ear piercing should be a decision made by a teenage girl on her (or by a boy on his own) rather than by a parent i... Read More »

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What is wrong with pierced ears?

Parents don't accept change very easily when it comes to their kids. They are used to telling you what to do as you grew up. You have to ease them into the changes instead of just springing it on... Read More »

Girls, what age did you get your ears pierced at?

I was 10, for my birthday, and it was my decision.

The History of Pierced Ears?

Ear piercing has been considered fashionable for both men and women in the western world at various historical periods. The practice of piercing the earlobe has been especially stylish from since t... Read More »

Should i get my ears pierced?

Baaad idea Wallace buddy. If you're looking into getting a future career that makes you money (enough to keep you middle class or above) than getting your ears pierced will definitely effect your c... Read More »