What age can child sit in the fron of car in Arizona?

Answer 88 pounds or b 4 feet and 9 inches

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My ex took my daughter fron ca to ga 5 years ago.I just found out where shes at I pay child support in ca There was never a custody order in ca. Is ther anything I can do?

Answer Take him/her to court. Have someone or a sheriff serve him/her papers

In Arizona if you sign over your rights to your child will you still have to pay child support?

Arizona Child Laws?

States protect children through enforcing laws designed to punish people who endanger children through abuse, neglect or abandonment. Some of Arizona's strictest laws involve the rights of children.

Is there a law in Arizona for child labor under the age of 9?

Children who are 9 years old and younger are not allowed to work in Arizona. Most jobs require workers to be at least 16, although 18 is the required age for certain high-risk jobs. Children may be... Read More »