What age can babies have baby food?

Answer All baby food says from 4 months on.

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What kind of baby food do babies like the best?

babies like formula or baby food. they also like rotten eggs and dirty socks. it depends on the baby.

Is Gerber baby food good and healthy for babies?

On One Hand: Gerber Provides Vitamins and NutrientsThe Gerber brand of baby food includes a variety of vitamin- and anti-oxidant-rich fruits, vegetables and meats. Gerber says it does not add any r... Read More »

What causes babies to have a baby scent?

Babies are like new cars. The new car has that "new car" smell b/c everything in it has it's own distinct odor and when they mesh together, it gives an odor all it's own. From the new leather inter... Read More »

How old does a baby have to be to eat baby food?

It is recommended for a baby to start eating baby food at six months. Its best to start a baby on vegetables first.