What age can a child stay by themselves in Utah?

Answer 14-19 no dur if ur 123456789 u cant stay in Utah there by ur selves

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In Massachusetts can a child who is almost 15 make his own decision to stay with a non-biological parent who has had permanent custody of the child for 14 yrs?

no. Just doing the math I can assume the child was taken away from the person he/she wants to live with since the child is 15, and the person had custody for 14 years prior.That being said -No - yo... Read More »

How can a stay at home mom make there child health better than child care?

srikanthan bought Nash care home in walessrikanthans daughter is called Thabooja SathiapalI know that because I am Thabooja Sathiapal and my dad is Srikanthan .SriKkanthan's son is called Rahkul .T... Read More »

Utah Child Protective Laws?

Utah's Division of Child and Family Services provides oversight for the state's child protection laws. The division recognizes that Utah's children are a key to the state's future and overall well ... Read More »

Utah Child Abandonment Laws?

Utah has laws in place to protect children relinquished by their parents. Child abandonment is as an act of child abuse as defined by Utah codes, and under certain circumstances is punishable as a... Read More »