What age are most children abused?

Answer most children are abused under 4 like 9 out of ten kids are under the age of 4 good luck!!!with y ever you want to no this!!

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Are most of the abused are adopted children?

What proof do you have that children are most likely to be abused from their own parents?

The news plus some people like to rape kids so mabey their parents are one of those people and like to rape them

Why are most middle children the one's who always get abused?

Becaus they are not the oldest that gets pampered or the youngest that gets babied So abusers think that they are less important

How much more likely are children in foster-care to be abused than children who are not?

Abuse statistics are hard to come by, whether from foster care or "normal" families. We suspect that the incidence is higher in natural homes, although when it occurs in foster care it gets a lot m... Read More »