What affects the pH in the body?

Answer The body's pH level should be between 6.4 and 7.3. However, several external factors make that number change. It is more common that these factors will make the pH balance more acidic than basic.Ex... Read More »

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How vomiting affects your body?

Teeth - rotten, hair - falling out, you don't know when you're really hungry, weight drops, you get addicted, and boulimia is simply not good.

How the excretory system affects the other body systems?

The excretory system is responsible for removing wastes from the body. It works in tandem with other systems to prevent damage to cells and organs, helping the body to function optimally.Parts of t... Read More »

What are some Side affects.?

If you can afford it go get your dog checked out at the vet. But if you cant afford call them.

What affects the value of money?

The value of money refers to the amount of goods and services that a given amount of money will purchase. Over time, money tends to lose value as overall price levels rise. This process is called i... Read More »