What affects liver function?

Answer The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. It processes nearly all the nutrients that pass through the body, working as a filtering system. Several conditions can affect the liver'... Read More »

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How Vegetation Affects the Function of an Ecosystem?

Whether it's a forest, grassland, agricultural field or wetland, vegetation has direct and indirect influences on all aspects of ecosystem function. Ecosystem functions are processes that provide s... Read More »

What are the causes of low liver function?

Low liver function is a decrease in the liver's performance of essential tasks such as eliminating toxins and assisting in food digestion. This condition can result from a number of different under... Read More »

Sunlight & Liver Function?

Mosby's Medical Dictionary explains that the liver has more than 500 determined functions. Primarily the liver functions as a gland, releasing bile and other enzymes and hormones to the body. The l... Read More »

What is the location&function of the liver?

The liver is an essential organ responsible for functions such as hormone production, storage of glucose and detoxification. The body needs a properly functioning liver in order to survive.Location... Read More »