What affects car insurance?

Answer When you get car insurance quotes, you probably wonder what affects your rates. There are several factors that affect how much you pay for car insurance.LocationCar insurance companies analyze type... Read More »

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What affects car insurance in the UK?

You may wish to get around the UK by car for reasons of business or pleasure. Whatever your reason, you will need to have your car properly insured. This can be an expensive prospect, so find out w... Read More »

What affects the cost of auto insurance?

There are a variety of factors that affect how much people pay for auto insurance. Insurance companies will look at your driving record, your credit history, the number of mile you drive each year,... Read More »

How to Determine if DUI/DWI Affects Your Insurance Premium?

If you get arrested for a DUI or DWI, the consequences can include jail time, a fine, probation and having your license revoked. Your insurance premium may also be affected. There's a number of thi... Read More »

Is there a time frame pertaining to how long a DUI DWI affects your insurance rates being higher?

Answer Yes, definitely, but it goes by state law as well as insurance company regs.