What affect would a high fat diet have on blood chemistry?

Answer Fat transport molecules, also called lipoproteins, are necessary for the maintenance of cell structures; therefore, they are necessary for human health. However, too much or too little of a lipopro... Read More »

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What diet I should have to avoid high blood pressure?

You should cutoff salt intake as much as possible.....the sodium in the salt gets into to ur cells of arteries and making it stiff....resulting in high BP....ya if u previously had BP....then the c... Read More »

What is a good diet when you have a diabetes (high blood sugar)?

It is important that you talk with your physician or dietician when designing you meal plan, coz the dietary needs of individuals may vary. So it's better to get professional advice. The following... Read More »

Does Cialis - ed medication affect high blood or people with high blood pressure?

First off, you would need a prescription to obtain Cialis. So, the best thing to do is consult your physician about your concerns. He or she can best assess if it would be safe for you.

What would be the cause of a fit and healthy person to have dangerously high blood pressure?

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is caused by chronic dehydration.In hypertension, 66% of water is lost from cells, 26% is lost from water volume held outside cells, and 8% is lost from water hel... Read More »