What affect does a higher level reed (on tenor saxophone) have on the sound you produce?

Answer Age of the instrument is far less important than the quality of design, construction and materials used ...assuming it hasn't been physically damaged and the pads, which wear and harden over time, ... Read More »

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How big is a tenor saxophone?

A tenor saxophone is 29.5 inches long, measured from the neck opening down to the bottom of the big bend. The tenor sax is the second most common saxophone, after the alto sax. The tenor is slight... Read More »

What is a tenor saxophone?

The tenor saxophone, along with the alto saxophone, are the two most popular saxophones. The tenor saxophone is a recognizable instrument because of modern jazz music.DefinitionA tenor saxophone is... Read More »

Who invented the tenor saxophone?

Belgian musician Adolphe Sax is credited with inventing at least 14 versions of his patented instrument in the 1840s. Among these were two tenor models, one tuned in C and the other in B-flat. The ... Read More »

How to Play the Tenor Saxophone?

The tenor saxophone is a woodwind instrument that is very prominent in jazz groups and is also one of the important voices of a concert or marching band, playing inner harmony parts or doubling mel... Read More »