What advice is there for teenage pregnancy?

Answer keep the baby. abortion has mental effects as well as physical.Please practice abstinence afterward.

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What help is there for teenage pregnancy?

All I can say is have protected sex if you're not and if you are,hope that your family will support your final decision. And there is no way to prevent all teens from having sex. You could go to an... Read More »

Are there any laws on teenage pregnancy?

Laws? like on how old you have to be to have a baby? No.But if your town or city has a weird rule, I recommend moving to the states or to Canada. but don't worry I give you a 99.9% guarantee that t... Read More »

Why is there health care for teenage pregnancy?

Because so many teenagers are having unprotected sex.

What do i wear to a teenage party during the spring/ communication advice?

i would dress in something causal . not to dressy not to scrubish like dont wear sweats & a hoodie. if its nice out i would wear dark jean capris brown leather gladiators a plain white shirt & a sp... Read More »