What advice can you offer me?

Answer don't do drugs, stay in school, and keep searching for the droids you're looking for!

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Will you offer advice on a new television?

I know all to well, this to be true. The decible level is at times 50% greater. Annoying to say the least. Considering that commercials take up 14 minutes of every hour (average) and pay for the en... Read More »

Knee damaged from running - can anyone offer a diagnosis/and advice for recovery?

I really think you have a torn meniscus. You need an MRI. Check more detailed answer re my experience with this injury on your question in other category. Use rest, ice, compression and elevatio... Read More »

Can i offer some advice to men/teens out there (repost for those who missed it the first time)?

yea deadbeat dads...not a good're so thoughtful that's why I added you to my contacts ^_~ God bless again!

Are there any books out there that offer help or advice for fathers who are fighting for custody of their kids?

Answer Maybe one of these will help:The Father's Emergency Guide to Divorce-Custody Battle: A Tour Through the Predatory World of Judges, Lawyers, Psychologists & Social Workers, in the Subculture ... Read More »