What adapter can I use to connect analog to HDMI?

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How do I Connect an HDMI DVD/VHR Recorder to an HDMI Receiver & HDMI TV?

HDMI (high definition media interface) is a protocol for transmitting digital audio and video signals between two compatible devices, such as an AV receiver and HDTV. The HDMI cable delivers up to ... Read More »

USB to analog headset adapter?

I don't understand your question.But if you want cables/adapters, the place to look is here:'ve got just about every type of cable and/or adapter ever made.[EDIT:]D... Read More »

Can hdmi carry analog audio?

HDMI cables can carry audio but it is in digital format only. Any HDMI connector will be capable of carrying the audio content and any input should be capable of receiving and processing the audio... Read More »

Is there a HDMI adapter for older TV's?

No you cannot get a practical workable HDMI adapter for this television set without spending a lot of money and it can never be HD even when you use it. The "HDTV" label is just an old advertising ... Read More »