What actually happens when your finger swells up?


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If your finger swells up is it broken?

Well, I broke my thumb. The day I broke it, it wasn't swollen. The next day, my whole hand was swollen.

What happens when you jam your finger?

according to the orthopedic surgeon my kids have seen for their fingers more times then not a jammed finger is actually a small fracture. so, i hope you have had this evaluated especially if you ha... Read More »

When pregnant how soon will it be when you can actually finger touch a baby in your stomach?

Answer You would have to have a pretty long finger to do that at all. Until the baby comes down the birth canal in delivery you wont be able to feel it. Gross by the way. Answer You cannot touch t... Read More »

What happens when you burn your finger how do you treat it?

Any first degree burn (reddening of the skin) - put it under cool running water for 10-15 minutes. While you've removed the source of the heat, you also want to cool down the internal cooking - tha... Read More »