What is the name of the actor that plays Fez on That '70s Show?

Answer Wilmer Valderrama. Wilmer Valderrama is also known for: Playing Manny on Playhouse Disney's show Handy Manny and as Uncle Ernesto from Wizards of Waverley Place. Read More »

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Who is the actor who plays fox mulder?

Who is the actor that plays Barney?

What actor plays barney?

If your talking about the children's show Barney and Friends then Carey Stinson wears the Barney costume and Dean Wendt does the voice. Its actually a two parted Character.Trust me, I am in the fir... Read More »

Days What actor plays Vargas?

Sean Douglas plays Vargas. He's never had a second name. Doubt if they'll give him one now.He's never been on any other soap and is known for TV series, Love Bites, Mr. Deity and No Ordinary Fami... Read More »