What actor played the lead in the movie"walking tall"?

Answer Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock," stars in the 2004 movie "Walking Tall" as a soldier who returns to his hometown to discover that it has been inhabited by crooks and drug dealers.Source:IM... Read More »

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Who is the actor actor played Bruce Manly on Eureka?

It's Bruce Manlyus and he is played by Bill Campbell.

How old is the lead actor of McHale's Navy?

Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine, who played the lead role of Lieutenant Commander / Commander Quinton McHale on "McHale's Navy" in the 60's, was born in 1917, and is currently 94 years old. B... Read More »

Was the child actor that played in Without a Trace the same child that played in Jaws?

No. Jaws came out in 1975. The TV show Without a Trace premiered in 2002. So, the child actors from Jaws were not children anymore when Without a Trace premiered. All the child actors from Jaws had... Read More »

What is the name of the actor that played Kyle XY?

Jesse HutchTodd Stashwick played Kyle on Still Standing. Same guy who played Carmelo Dante on Burn Notice..