What activities that is suitable for retardation mental child?

Answer It depends on his/her interests. I taught a girl who had severely limited cognitive ability (2nd grade reading level in the 8th grade) who was on the cheerleading team and did theater. Mind you, sh... Read More »

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What are some issue that surround th definition of Mental Retardation?

yes it is.. all the nutrition of herbalife will get into the baby... and.. when the baby is little if you take hblife your baby will have a good nutrition when he drinks the milk u giv himherbalife... Read More »

What are the degrees of mental retardation?

The old and still popular terms were adjusted downward from normal- Moron ( high and low grade) Imbecile, and Idiot. for some reason Moron and Idiot remain in popular usage but imbecile, even in sl... Read More »

What are the four degrees of mental retardation?

mild, moderate, severe, and profound. These categories are based on the person's level of functioning.

If you have some sort of mental retardation does that mean you have Down syndrome?

No. Down's is only one of millions of reasons to become retarded. While it used to be thought that only children with Down's were the only ones who were mentally retarded, it is now known that Down... Read More »